Smocking and Heirloom sewing has to be my favorite. I love the handwork involved in smocking and embroidery and the fine sewing techniques involved in heirloom sewing. The finished garments always amaze me with their beauty and give me a tremendous sense of satisfaction. I love to see the children in beautiful handmade outfits that emphasize just how precious they are.

I do a lot of custom work for boys. It is hard to find nice things that are not too "oh my" and are smocked. It is also difficult to find smocked things that are large enough or long enough for boys in the specialty stores.

I also specialize in christening gowns, I have made several from known patterns and designed some of my own. A favorite thing I like to do is to help a client design a custom garment sometimes using their own antique laces or parts of other sentimental heirlooms they may have. I have made many reproduction christening gowns and first communion dresses from clients photographs.

Infant and girls dresses are a treat to make and if you see anything you like in the Sewing Magazines that you would want,please email me here with your request and/or pictures and I will respond immediately.

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