Welcome to Benson NeedleWorks!

I'm Michele Benson and I thought I'd share a little of my history with you all.

I began sewing as a child and learned as I went along. When I had my first child I began sewing in earnest and was introduced to smocking. I was instantly hooked and soon found there was no supplier for my habit, so in 1989 I opened "The Ghent Needlecrafter" in Norfolk Virginia, a full service smocking and heirloom sewing store. It was here that I learned to perfect my basic sewing skills and improve my embroidery techniques. I learned from the masters as they visited our store to teach their classes; Connie Harbor, Gwen Milner, Mildred Turner, Elizabeth Travis Johnson, Kitty Benson, Julia Golson, and Terry Johnson.

I sold the business to a wonderful and talented lady ,Charlotte Butler, who ran the store a few more years in Hampton Va. In 1997 the Ghent Needlecrafter closed its doors when Charlotte retired to spend more time with her family and we were transferred to England,and other duty stations all over the world.

I have been custom sewing for people all over the world and now have a website to further my work.

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